Sunday, 14 October 2012

Bitdefender Rescue CD 2012

BitDefender Rescue Disk , a bootable opposed virus scanner that scan your portable computer for any virus. The utility of BitDefender Rescue Disk is comparable like Kaspersky Rescue Disk that performs opposed virus scanning and totally different before loading the OS. Meanwhile, BitDefender Rescue Disk has ability to automatically update its virus definition that creates it lots of advance than totally different rescue disk CD utility.

The update opposed Virus definition square measure automatically trigger once the BitDefender rescue disk detected web association whereas boot up. Plus more, BitDefender security technology consists sensitive in detection every known and unknown virus.

Meanwhile, this free BitDefender Rescue CD in addition bundles numerous useful third party utilities like ChkRootkit for scanning for rootkis, Nessus Network Scanner as remote network security scanner, Mozilla Firefox, Partition Image, GtkRecover and etc to boost productivity of rescue disk.

produce BitDefender Rescue CD is easy like manufacture Kaspersky Rescue Disk. All you follow the below step the thanks to manufacture BitDefender Rescue CD.

Download :

Bitdefender Rescue CD 2012_Part_1
Bitdefender Rescue CD 2012_Part_2
Bitdefender Rescue CD 2012_Part_3
Bitdefender Rescue CD 2012_Part_4

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