Friday, 26 October 2012

Find IP Address Of Your Friend Through Facebook Chatting

Hello Friends,
I Have One Amazing And Simple Trick For Find IP Address Of Your Friend Threw Facebook Chatting. . 

Want To Hack Your Friend Or Facebook Friends Threw Simple Trick Of Finding IP Address Of  Your Friend's Computer Or Laptop. You Can Do Many Thing With This IP Address Of Any Users. Then we Have One Tutorial With Pictures And We Also Have One Video Which I Created For You. .

Then Let's Go For Tutorial See Below Steps:

Step 1:-
First Of All You Need Invite Any Friend For Chatting

Step 2:-
Make sure your all other tabs in browser and other services in computer are closed Which Need Internet Connection. If Possible for you then delete all the cookies-cache and browsing history from your browser.

Step 3:-
While chatting on Facebook go to Start >-- Run >-- cmd.

Step 4:-
Then type on cmd netstat -an command and press Enter.

Step 5:-
Now you can see and get Ip Address of all the established connections on cmd.

Step 6:-
Note all the suspicious Ip’s and trace user using ip address tracer sites like whatismyip, ,,

(You can Hack Any Laptop Or Pc Threw Netbus software threw only ip address)

That's all

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