Thursday, 25 October 2012

Get password Behind asterisks (****)

Hello Friends,
Today I Will Provide One Best Tutorial For Get Password Behind ***** With Simple Java Script With Simple Trick.
The Best Thing Is That In This Trick We Don't Need Any Software.

So For This Trick Only Go To This Simple Steps 

Step 1:- Open Your Browser(Best In Opera) And Type Any URL Like I Will Give You Tutorial About Facebook URL So I Will Type

Step 2:- Type Your Mail Address And Password(Don't Press Enter) See Below.

Step 3:- Then You have To Copy This Java Script And Paste This In This Site URL See Below.


Step 4:- Press Enter And see The Result Like Below  
prince hacker Get password Behind *****

. .That's All. .
. .Enjoy It. .

“Do not misuse this hack or attack in any illegal activities this is Only for educational purpose only"

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