Friday, 26 October 2012

How To Stole Password In Google Chrome

Hello Guys,
Today I Will Give You One Trick For Stole Password In Google Chrome Using Simple Trick.

We All Mostly Use Google Chrome As Browser In Our Computer And Laptop Because We Mostly Need Fast And Secure Browsing In This Generation Because At Right Now There Are Many Black Hat Hackers They Can Stole Our Cookies And They Can Use It In Other Purpose. So We All Need Secure Browsing Then  Google Give Us Google Chrome From There Products With Free

Sometime We Need passwords Of Our Professors In College Or School For Stole There's Data Like Our Question Papers And ETC. Or We Need Passwords In Our Office Or Company For Stole There Data Or ETC(But This Is Not Good BUT. . .lolzzz. .) So For This We Can Use Trick And Also When We Forget Any passwords Or Id The We Can Recover By This Trick.

So Let's Start,
We Have Best Tutorial For This Trick 
Okk Then Let's Start This Tutorial,
See All Steps If You Have Any problems Then See Video.

Step 1:- Open Your Google Chrome Browser.

Step 2:- Find This Symbol (Right Side In Address Bar) And Click On It.

Step 3:- Click On Setting And then You will See The One Window Like Below.

Step 4:- In This Window Go Down You Will See On Bar Like This. Click On It.

Step 5:- Find One Bar Like Below.

Step 6:- Click On "Manage saved passwords" You Will See One Window Like Below

Step 7:- You Got It. . . Now You Can See AnyOne's save Password Threw "Show" Key Which Is Here See Below Bar

I Personally Recommend You For Use Google Chrome As A Default Browser Because They Have Many Good Features And Secure From Hackers. 

. . .That's All. . .

“Do not misuse this hack or attack in any illegal activities this is Only for educational purpose only"

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