Sunday, 18 November 2012

All Bootable Live CD - Vista, Win PE, XP

Live CD - a means with large instrumental capability to recover data when system crashes, when virus attacks. These systems Bootable, and does not interfere with your current configuration. Enjoy! 

Year: 2009 
Platform: x86 
Developer: Microsoft / Crow 
Language: Multi 
File size: 320 MB 
Crack: Not required 

Vista Live .ISO 
XP Live .ISO 
ImgBurn v2.4.0.0 

How to write an image file to a disc with ImgBurn: 
1. Load ImgBurn 
2. Switch to 'Write' mode. 
2a. You can do that via the 'Write image file to disc' button on the 'Ez-Mode Picker' screen. 
2b. Click the 'Mode' menu at the top and then the 'Write' option. 
3. Insert blank CD/DVD (depending on image size!) 
4. Select a file to write by clicking on the 'Browse for file' button. 
5. Click the big 'Write' button. 
6. Wait a while..... 

Download :
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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