Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Download/Rip/Extract Entire Websites to Your Hard Drive to View Offline

Hi all users, If you live where you regularly face Internet connection problems it is always a good idea to download the website which you refer to regularly. You can save the pages using the browsers default save page options but it can get tiresome to save all the pages of the website one-by-one and there is no definite structure to it which can make it very confusing. But using a free utility program called HTTrack you can do all the above tasks very easily.

HTTrack is a free utility program which helps the user to download webpages or entire websites including all the the linked webpages for offline browsing. You can browse the downloaded pages link to link giving you the experience of browsing the website online. Actually its just like creating a mirror of the website on your local drive. It also allows you to create filters if you don't want to download some specific type of files.

How to download entire website to you hard - drive :

1. Download HTTrack and install it.

2. Open the program and you'll see first window like below :

3. Click on next and enter the prject name, project category, base path etc. as you want and click on next.

4. Now you'll see a next window like below :

5. Now enter the site url in "Web Addresses" (specially we use this site to rip site tamplates from paid sites like Enter your desire site's web address here. Now click on next.

6. Now you'll get the next window like below, here you can set your option as you want like 
  • Disconnect when finished
  • Shutdown when finished
  • Save settings only, do not launch dowload now
7. Click on next and your downloading will start, after sometime (it depends of size of that site) download will be completed and you can browse/edit that website offline. You can use this program to download paid website tamplate without any cost.


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