Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Getting Someones Email From Your Facebook Profile

  Hi all users, ever wanted to know the e-mail address of your friend to know whether he/she has another account on another social networking site or anywhere else ? if YES, then this tutorial is specially for you this is a a must know tutorial on how you can get (extract) someone's email from Facebook when they don't display it in there info bar(profile), means if any person don't want you to see their e-mail still you can their e-mail by using this tricks.

It'll be considered as illegal since Facebook doesn't allow it but the power of yahoo can do it for you. Wan to know how ? lets see how to do it.
Note :- This only works with people you have in your friends list
1. First of all go to and signup for a yahoo account.

2. When your finished with making the account go to your mail and click on contacts.

3. Then click on import contacts.

4. Facebook will pop up asking if you want to share your account details with yahoo click "OK".

5. It will import all your contacts after it is finished, it will say no contacts imported ignore this and click okay then it will redirect you to another page with all your facebook contacts and there emails underneath there name.


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