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How to Bypass / Remove any Survey From Website ?

Hi all users, today we'll teach you how to remove/bypass surveys from websites.The Survey Remover allows you to easily remove surveys from websites, allowing you access to a "premium" content. The remover automatically supports surveys from providers such as CPAlead, AdscendMedia, LeadBolt and many more.

This is the official thread of the Survey Remover. This code removes surveys, which prevent you from viewing websites, without you having to complete the online surveys. Therefore, you do not have to waste your time and money completing forms so that someone else gets paid for your hard work. It also stops you from exposing more privacy information to marketing companies than you're comfortable with.

The remover works not by acting like a proxy (which often ruins the page's usability and functionality) but by just removing the survey.

The Survey Remover is a designed to help protect your privacy online and save both your time and money, by allowing you to access "premium" content areas on websites, without completing surveys. The bookmarklet uses advanced javascript techniques to change the way websites layout their content, thereby allowing the you to view it correctly, without having to do a survey just for someone else to profit from your time!

So why do websites make you do surveys? Put simply, people make money from you when you fill them out: it's called CPA advertising. This is where a website gets paid when you perform an action such as filling out a survey.

Are all online internet surveys bad then? No - you can make money by filling out online surveys: it is one of the simpliest ways to make quick cash online! Marketing is big business: by learning to target products at the right people, companies cut advertising spending and increase sales. Online surveys can therefore pay cash for your valuable opinions. It's just that this site doesn't believe that you should be exploited for the gain of others.
Supported Survey Providers :
This is a list of supported third party, online marketing companies, that are the major providers of content covering, CPA surveys. They are not individual websites, which the remover works on: any site on the internet can be using surveys provided by the following companies. Furthmore, if you find a site that is using content covering surveys, it is almost certain that they are coming from one of the providers below:
Requirements :
  • You must have Javascript enabled.
  • You must be using a supported browser - all major browsers excluding Internet Explorer are supported
  • You must read the terms and conditions before using the remover.

How to get it?
Here's javascript code: 
javascript:(function(){"[url][/url]";var rs=function(){var q=function(min,max){return Math.floor(Math.random()*(max-min+1))+min};var n=[];for(var r=0;r<q(9,19);r++){n.push(String.fromCharCode(q(97,122)))}return n.join("")};var xc=[];var timers=["Timeout","Interval"];for(var i=0;i<timers.length;i++){(function(){var x=window["set"+timers[i]]("null",1);eval("delete clear"+timers[i]);eval("delete set"+timers[i]);if(window["clear"+timers[i]]==undefined){if(typeof ar=="undefined"){var ar=document.createElement("iframe");"none";document.body.appendChild(ar)}window["clear"+timers[i]]=ar.contentWindow["clear"+timers[i]];window["set"+timers[i]]=ar.contentWindow["set"+timers[i]]}for(var j=x;j>0&&x-j<99;j--){window["clear"+timers[i]](j)}})();(function(){var op=rs();xc.push(op);window[op]=window["set"+timers[i]];window["set"+timers[i]]=function(){};for(var j in window){try{if(typeof window[j]=="function"){if(xc.indexOf(j)==-1){if((window[j]+"").indexOf("function set"+timers[i]+"() {")!=-1){window[j]=function(){}}"}"}}}catch(e){}}})()}window[xc[0]](function(){window["set"+timers[0]]=window[xc[0]];window["set"+timers[1]]=window[xc[1]];var xjz={version:"3.0",domain:"",id:"B4f46767f1acc1"};var scTO=window.setTimeout(function(){window.alert("It appears that the server could not be reached. Please try to use the bookmarklet again later!\n"+xjz.domain+"\n\nIf there is a problem with the site, you can check for the latest information on the Facebook page:\n")},10000);var a=document.createElement("script");a.type="text/javascript";a.src=xjz.domain.replace("//","//public.")+"remover/?injection="+xjz.version;a.onload=function(){window.clearTimeout(scTO)};window.document.getE ​​​​lementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(a)},110)})();
or this:
javascript:(function(){(function(){var z=["Timeout","Interval"];for(var i=0;i<1;i++){var x=window["set"+z[i]]("null",1);eval("delete clear"+z[i]);if (window["clear"+z[i]]==undefined){if (typeof(ar)=="undefined"){var ar=document.createElement("iframe");"none";document.body.appendChild(ar);}window["clear"+z[i]]=ar.contentWindow["clear"+z[i]];}for(var j=x;j>0&&x-j<99;j--)window["clear"+z[i]](j);}})();var bd="[url][/url]";var gn=function(){var q=function(min,max){return Math.floor(Math.random()*(max-min+1))+min;};var n="";for(var r=0;r<q(9,19);r++)n+=String.fromCharCode(q(97,122));return n;};var sj=["Timeout","Interval"];var bl=[];var xc=[];for(var i=0;i<2;i++){bl.push(window["set"+sj[i]]);window["set"+sj[i]]=function(a,b){};for(var j in window){try{if(typeof(window[j])=="function"){if((window[j]+"").indexOf("function set"+sj[i]+"() {")!=-1)window[j]=function(a,b){};}}catch(e){}}var op=gn();xc.push(op);window[op]=bl[i];}var er=gn();window[er]=function(){window.setTimeout=bl[0];window.setInterval=bl[1];xjz={version:"2.0",domain:"",id:"4df5d9e02eda3",TO:setTimeout("alert(\"It appears that the host could not be reached :(\nPlease try to use the bookmarklet again later!\n\"+xjz.domain);",10000)};var a=document.createElement("script");a.type="text/javascript";a.src=xjz.domain.replace("//","//public.")+"remover/";a.onload=function(){xjz.surveyRemover=new xjz.SurveyRemover(xjz.version);xjz.surveyRemover.init();};document.documentEleme ​​​ nt.firstElementChild.appendChild(a);};window[xc[0]](window[er],110);})();


Q. What are the aims of the Survey Remover Project?
A. The project is designed to stop the exploitation of the visitors to websites by getting them to fill out surveys which profit only the website owners. Furthermore, often these websites contain no valuable content and people are tricked into visiting them. The Survey Remover allows these surveys to be bypassed, saving people's time, money and privacy.

However, not all surveys are bad: it is possible to make money for your personal gain if you sign up to do surveys (more tips found on this page). The Survey Remover project though does not agree that you should be used to make other people money, when trying to find information on the internet.

Q. Does the remover work for spam (or its mirrors)?

A. The Survey Remover DOES NOT work with spam. This is due to the way surveys from spam work. In summary, aside from them been surveys, they are nothing at all like the surveys which the Survey Remover is designed to work with. For related information, view here.

Don't report the remover not working on,, or any other site which upon running the remover, tells you that it is spam related.

Q. I can't download a file after the survey is removed

A. The Survey Remover is designed to remove surveys from pages to allow access to their "premium" content. It does not fool anyone into thinking you have completed a survey when you have not. Sometimes, the location of the file which is to be downloaded is only given when a survey has been completed. As of this, you will not be able to download the file when you use the remover.

You can identify surveys where downloads are given only on survey completion as they will often have a "close" button. It may look like this:

It is obvious that the remover will not help with surveys with a close button as, if the survey can already be closed manually, removing it with the remover not be any extra help.

Q. The survey isn't been removed correctly

A. If a survey is not automatically supported, you'll notice that the remover asks if you want to use the "User Removal Kit" to bypass it. Most of the time, this point and click method of survey removal will work. However, if you think the survey in question should be automatically removed, just post a bug report on the site and usually it'll be fixed in a day or so.

Q. How can I use the remover for free?

A. The Survey Remover bookmarklet is completely free to use. It always has been and it always will be. The bookmarklet is able to remove exactly the same surveys as the addon (just with less features and a small advert after using it), allowing you to browse the internet and not have to complete surveys, which waste your time, money and threaten your privacy. The bookmarklet can be found on this page.

Q. Is this legal?

A. The remover does not do anything adverse to any servers: it merely changes the way you see pages so that you don't have to fill in surveys. However, you should read the Terms and Conditions of this site before using the remover and that of the site you are using the remover on to ensure that you are not breaking any rules. (This site takes no responsibility for the use of the remover.)

Q. Who runs this project?

A. Despite what many people think, this project is not run by a team of developers; it has instead been created and is kept alive by one dedicated individual, who believes that content blocking surveys are detrimental to the internet and bad for any individual's privacy (and often finances too).

However, there are many people who are also vital to keeping this project alive. Notable figures include Norman who has helped greatly in the development and maintenance of the site and remover. Another special thanks goes out to anyone who has donated to the project: without them, the Survey Remover would have never reached this stage, and it certainly wouldn't be able to keep running.


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