Monday, 12 November 2012

How to Check Torrent Video's Quality Before Downloading Them Completely

Hi all users, everyone know we need to download the whole file from torrents before we can view it. Some torrents do have sample videos with them and user can download them first and see if this quality will suffice to their needs of watching the video but most of the times, the torrent doesn’t have any sample video files which means one need to download the full length video and then view it, may be only to find out that the video’s quality is not even watchable or its something that is not worth watching at this quality. So today we're here to tell you how to do it. So lets get started.

RARBG Player is the solution to this problem. It will let you view the video file without the need of downloading them completely. Just download the torrent file, and then RARBG player will start downloading the file and playback can begin right at that moment as if the video was being streamed. Hence, the player is a very quick method of finding out the quality of video torrents which don’t have any sample video in them.
How does it work?

It actually works like a torrent client, start connecting with other peers and download from them and playbacks it as if it was streamed. Pretty simple!
The video is in fact downloaded, like when we watch YouTube videos but it doesn’t require us to download the entire video file to play it.

The player is pretty basic and it can only be used for trying out videos and not to be made something as a standalone media player. However the makers do claim it to play all the files but it can’t play them from local storage (hard disk) and only from torrents.


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