Friday, 16 November 2012

How To Create Direct Link for Your Files ?

Hi all users, how are you. Today we going to ell you how to upload you files at maximum speed and create/generate a direct link for it.  Most of time we need to upload our files and share with some peoples sometime with our users and they don't have patient to wait 60 or 30 seconds and downloading stuffs in lowest speed with no resume capability.  Sometime some sites like mediafire, is a good option but they have annoying ads or waiting time, but I assure you that this site is very cool and very simple to use. You just nee to click upload button and that' it. You can upload your file 1024mb file at a time and they allows split archives also. So without losing a single  moment lets get started.

Follow the steps below to create your direct link :

1. First of all go to this cool website.

2. Register an account for you.

3. Start uploading and they will create a direct link for your file, mean no CAPTCHA no waiting etc.


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