Saturday, 17 November 2012

How to Enable Right Click on Right Click Disabled Websites

Hellooo all our lovely users, for quite a long time I haven't posted a single post here due to having very hectic schedule. I was too busy to approve you comments (sorry for that), and today finally I got time to post something here for, thanks for you support. So lets talk about topic you might know websites where you've tried to save images or copy the contents of the website but you couldn't because they have prohibited their use of the right-click on their website.

Most websites use JavaScript to prohibit the use of the right-click in order to avoid their contents to be leeched or due to some other reason, so here we're going to tell the simplest and easiest way to enable it. Sounds very inserting ! isn't it?  . So lets get started.

1. First of all you need to download a Firefox a plug-in named "Web Developer 1.1.9" from this link

2. After installing the  pug-in simply restart the Firefox and you will get a new toolbar named "Web Developer Toolbar" now  click on  Disable button.

3. Select Disable Javascript.
4. Again select “All Javascript” option.

Note :- After doing your work don't forget to unchecked the disable java and disable JavaScript because most of sites requires JavaScript enabled in order to perform some specific task, for example if I would disabled JavaScript in my browser before publishing this post then you can't see the intor image and screenshots provided here because uploading images in blogger's post editor requires JavaScript enabled to you browser, thanks for reading and if you find it useful for you don't forget to +1 this.


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