Tuesday, 13 November 2012

How to Resume Mediafire Downloads With IDM ?

Hi all users, as you know that millions of files including movies are uploaded and  downloaded daily from mediafire, one of the best free file hosting site. Usually mediafire gives resume function to its downloads as the maximum file size allowed is 200 MB for free user. However sometimes the resume will only last for a few minutes, and the download will not resume if you sent request to resume downloads. But this problem can easily be solved.

 Tools You'll Needed :

1. Internet Download Manager
2. File downloaded from mediafire that interrupted in the middle of download
3. Firefox Browser

Steps to follow:

1. At Firefox, click Menu Bar Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Remove individuals cookies -> write "mediafire" (without the quotes and all lowercase) -> Remove Cookies (ie remove all the cookies that come from mediafire site) -> Close (after you sure all cookies  from mediafire are deleted ).

2. Open Internet Download Manager (IDM) -> right click on the file that you download from mediafire that you want to resume again -> Refresh download address -> Wait a while (Warning! Do not click word "stop waiting" on the box that appears!).

3. When mediafire download link  has come out, click "click here to start download" (box was going to say "New link address for this file was received successfully" then press ok) -> Go back to IDM -> Right-click again on the file you want to resume -> resume.

4. It's all you have to do for resuming your download.


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