Sunday, 18 November 2012

Project-Neptune Keylogger-100% FUD (Must Try)

Welcome to the most popular keylogger named as PROJECT-NEPTUNE which is totally 100 % FUD.

This tutorial is not for bad things, I don’t keep responsibility for what you do with this, evrithing at your risk.
Correct me if I make any mistake.
You will se some -------- at some parts, that means that im not using those options
Sory for my bad English.

First of all download project Neptune keylogger from theyre official website.


Extract the .rar file with Winrar or other tool, a folder will come up with name project Neptune

Open project Neptune v1.4, a popup will shoow up, these ate the rules of using the tool, click OK and the keylogger will show up.
Im using the Email settings not the ftp setting and im using If you are using follow the instructions as in the picture

Im putting at 50 minuters the sending of logs coz for me is more good.
At bouth use your gmail addres , At password enter your gmail password. Now click test, if is correct we continue at System wide, if not check if you write the informations correct.
Now click in System Wide and follow the instructions as in the photo:

I just enabled the only options that I need, so the slave will not understand that you ate keylogged.
Now will add some online virus scanong sites to bllock them ---this means that the sites cant scan the tool for virus J---
Rigjt click in that white field and click load item list and enter the .txt file with name Common AV Sites (picture 1) and click open

Now will look like these

Now we are goind at installation

About file downloading—im not using that option.
Now making extra option. 

Now with Server Creaton.

App Settings. Is nothing ---------
Program News-------- the news about the program.
Now with file binder. Click it and the binder will show up--- now rigjt click and add file… it can be everything that you want --- im adding a file like visual basig tutorials----

Now don’t close the binder, I don’t know if will work in that way.
Now back to Server Creation and click Generate new Server.
Save your server someware and that’s it----
You now created your first keylogger-----Great-------Now go spread it—and if u get in jail I have no responsibility----

Original website tool [Click Here] is a FREE tool

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