Monday, 12 November 2012

Use Turbo C++ on Your Android Mobiles/Devices

Hi all users, here we have include the easiest way of using turbo c and turbo c++ in an android device. That means you can program in turbo c and turbo c++ in your android device. Through this way you can  use Turbo C++ and old PC games in andosbox emulator which is a x86 emulator in our android phone.We have describe the steps below that allows you to work with above mentioned programming mode.

1. First of all the file andsobox.apk
2. Then install it on your android device
3. Now get the zip file turboc++.rar
4. Extract the turboc++.rar file
5. Copy and paste turboc++.rar contents in your sd card
6. Now finally run andos box.


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