Saturday, 26 January 2013

KMSNano v16 Offline Office and Windows KMS Activator

Release File:
Size: 29.2MB
CRC32: 9725294B
MD5: 3936CE541EFA7FAF2C19912B3A786304
SHA-1: 5D5F68FA1AC77504BA9A4A43292D1FF903980420

KMSNano is an Offline KMS Activator that emulates a KMS server in the memory of
your computer and sends activation data back and forth attempting to activate
volume versions of Windows and Office. I have personally activated KMSNano without
having my lan drivers even installed on a fresh install of Windows 7.

This is v16. There are other earlier versions that may or may not work currently.
You should always check for the latest version before using.

Windows Vista Business/Enterprise Default/N/VL
Windows 7 Pro/Enterprise Default/N/VL
Windows 8 Pro/Enterprise Default/N/VL
Windows Server Std/Data 2008/2008R2/2012
Office/OfficeVL 2010/2013.
Retail-Only Versions of windows that will *NOT* activate are:
Vista Starter/Homebasic/Homepremium/Ultimate - Default/N/E
7 Starter/Homebasic/Homepremium/Ultimate - Default/N/E
8 core/coreN/ProWMC
Requirements: . NET 4.0 or Windows 8


1. Prescan file and then shut down all Non-Essential Programs
2. Extract the zip file. (Optional - I ran from within zip)
3. Run KMSnano.exe
4. Wait about 45-80secs while the files run in the background.
(It doesn't let you know when it's done, you can check task manager or just wait)
5. Run the Check_Activation_all.cmd to verify your activation status.
6. Go about your business. You can get the Win8 watermark to go away by
auto-hiding the taskbar or similar system stuff. (WindowsKey+D works also)

To fix any botched activations from other "hacktivators" or activation problems
in general, you can run admin command prompt command "SFC /SCANNOW"
I very much recommend running that command on older systems with stale system files
that may have a lot of inconsistencies.

Note that Pre-Release versions of Office or Windows will NEVER activate.
Get an actual release if you want to activate. (RTM or Retail)

Why use this program over any other activation method?
-It does not modify any of your system files.
-Because it's not a crack or a hack.
-Because it's the only way to get legit activation without using legit servers.
-Did I mention it activates ALL KMS activation software?

Change Log from v15.1:
- Detect Office 2013 in W7.
- Fixed Convertion from Retail Office 2013 to Volume License.
- Add TriggerKMS v9.

To trigger the program to re-run when you have less than 30 days left on your
activation, run the "Run Trigger.cmd" program. If you are using this for windows 8,
You need to read my "Windows 8 Trigger Fix Instructions.txt"

To remove the trigger on non-windows8 systems you can type the command:
schtasks /delete /tn "Trigger KMS Activation"

Obviously it won't work if the Trigger is not installed.

Download :
KMSNano v16 Offline Office and Windows KMS Activator

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