Monday, 21 January 2013

Windows 8 Activator v4.1.0.0 By Blakeymort (Reuploaded)

- original type Offline Activation : This activation will allow you to work with your team as if legally activated ubieras permanent, even you used to upgrade from Pro to Pro with Media Center if you have a serial upgrade, you will not have to activate Windows now notification or watermarks.
- Enabling Offline generic: you generically windows active permanent lets you work all the functions of your Windows, sometimes you a notification to activate windows by the activity center which can disable the one time and will not have appear .

- Working for future versions:
Implement Offline Activation original type for versions currently working activation generica same characteristics of
Add KMS servers by users
Activation Secondary eliminated by incompatibility and incorrect functioning in most computers. Total Cleaning: Allows thoroughly clean and remove all kinds of patches (The only thing that is not deactivated KMS)
Languages: Spanish - English

Windows 8 Activator v4.1.0.0
To close New Year with a bang, here are the Trigger Link 4.1

Online mode for this version:
Windows 8 Pro
Windows 8 Enterprise
Office 2013 VL 32 and 64 bit

The other versions of Windows 8 and Server 2012 can be activated using Offline activator, yet for next versions will review and modifies other versions to activate online mode.

Download :
Windows 8 Activator v4.1.0.0

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