Sunday, 20 January 2013

Windows 8/Office 2013 Permanent Activator 3.0 Final

This activator includes activating windows 8, windows 7, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, Office 2010, Office 2013.

Windows and office Activation: 
1.Run "Start-KMSmicro-WO.vbs", waiting for the server to load. If for any reason the server won`t start,
try to run "KMSdebug.cmd" in qemu folder to start it.
2.Set your time zone, by pressing "Z".
3.Run as Administrator "Activation Helper .exe" to activate Windows or office.please use the
menu that are in Activation Helper to choose office or windows that you would like to activate.
That`s it!, the system activated for 180 days.
4.You also can use other servers available from IP.txt

Activation may fail for the following reasons : 
1. Wrong product key installed or not installed at all.
2. The KMS Server Client Count value is insufficient to activate a system
(the counter is not "boosted").
Execute the Server menu option: "Increasing KMS Server Client Count"
3. Port 1688 is used by another application, so that The Server can`t connect a PC,
Uninstall all previous "activators" and "cracks" for Office 2010&2013.
4. Your time zone differs from the Server`s one.
Set the server`s time zone or set on your PC UTC+7 time zone.
5. Our KMSmicro v3.12 is incompatiable with your PC.
Such a thing never happened before, so you are extremly unlucky person
6. Somethig utterly unpredictable happened, beyond the scope of this FAQ.

The Server operation basic instructions: 
"T" - Time syncronization via the internet.
"H" - Displays a Windows server activation status.
"10" - Displays an Office 2010 server activation status .
"13" - Displays an Office 2013 server activation status .
"Z" - Sets a time zone and current time.
"C" - The Server Client Count "boosting".
"S" - The Server shutdown.

Download :
Windows 8/Office 2013 Permanent Activator 3.0 Final

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