Sunday, 24 February 2013

WinToFlash Make a Bootable USB Windows

Reality is a little inconvenient that the use of Netbook users who want to learn the initial install because Netbooks do not have a CD / DVD Rom. Stu the only alternative is that we have to use other media such as USB Flash drives, SD cards, external HDD and others. Moreover the use of USB as a media think is safer from damage than CD 

Some free software options for How To Make a Bootable USB Windows:
Novicorp WinToFlash
WinToFlash application has actually been there quite old, but still very desirable to make a bootable USB. The great thing is that WinToFlash supports USB bootable windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8.ini very different to previous applications that only support windows vista or 7

Some features WinToFlash include:
  1.     XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8 can move windows installation from CD / DVD to USB Flash drive
  2.     WinPE can move into the USB
  3.     Can make the USB flash drive for Windows XP/2003 emergency Bootloader
  4.     MS_DOS can switch to USB
  5.     Can make local USB windows XP/2003 Recovery Console
As I said above that this program can run on Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7 and windows are also provided as well interface 8 and the Indonesian language, making it easier for the difficult language of English.
WinUSB Maker
Free Software WinUSB Maker is also a portable software as an alternative to other options. Same with WinToFlash, this software is used to make external storage media like USB stick or external HDD to be bootable and can be used to move the setup file (installation) windows to the USB.

WinUSB Maker 1.4 – The Windows Setup to USB Solution
Some of the features found on WinUSB Maker:
  1.     Can backup and Restore (including MBR, Master Boot Record) from USB Drive
  2.     This software is designed with maximum safety, to avoid errors and prevent mistakes the windows format
  3.     Can work with Windows in the DVD, Folder or ISO Image
  4.     Can format the USB in NTFS file system
  5.     Can make a DOS / grldr bootable USB Disk
  6.     DAPA to copy files with maximum speed level
  7.     Device that supports more than 1 TB
This program can run on Windows Vista, 7.8 and server 2008/2011 the premises the terms of use. Net Framework 3.5)
Passcape ISO Burner
ISO Burner PAsscape including portable mini and an application to create a bootable USB disk and also from various ISO file, not just windows. Can be used to create a bootable CD / DVD, USB devices (Memory Stick, USB stick, CompactFlash, Secure Digital USB Hard disk and others).

Passcape ISO Burner
Some of the features found on PAsscape ISO Burner:
  1.     Move the ISO file to CD / DVD and USB drives
  2.     Create bootable media
  3.     Extract the contents of the ISO file to disk
  4.     Simple interface
This program can also run Windows XP and run on other versions widows. download Passcape ISO Burner

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