Monday, 25 March 2013

How To Check if Pen Drive or Memory Card is Original or Fake

Hello Friends When buying an pendrive or memory card this can be the issue that is it original or fake so to solve those problems for you i have found a tool and found it very intersting.Normally you can see people selling pen drives of bigger sizes like 32 GB,64Gb or 500Gb then you can think that ok technology is growing day by day and maybe you can get that size in a smaller pen drive but the main complication starts when you look at its prize they just sells it at Rs.300 INR.Isnt it too cheap to buy people just buys it without thinking is it original or fake.So today i will tell you how you can identify if your buyed pen drive is original or fake.

How To Check if Pen Drive or Memory Card is Original or Fake :

  • Download h2testw.
  • Its a zip file so extract it and you will get a exe file.
  • DOuble click on the exe file and start this tool.
  • Just check English from the top of the menu and click on Select target and then choose your Pendrive(make sure its formatted)
  • Now Click on Write+Verify button and then wait for it check .It will take some time according to the size of the your disk.
  • Now after the process is completed then it will show you a message like Completed without any errors.
  • But if it shows out an error then your pen drive is fake.
  • Thats it friends now you can check any pen drive is its original or fake you can also help your friends too.Any problems do comment below.


Download :

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