Friday, 29 March 2013

Left 4 Dead 2 Hypertense Edition (Full-Rip-TeaMCrossFirE)

Left 4 Dead 2 Hypertense Edition (Full-Rip-TeaMCrossFirE)
PC | Windows | EN | Developer: Valve Software | 2.85 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person / Horror

The long awaited continuation of the cooperative shooter Left 4 Dead, recognized by many publications best game of the year 2008 in its genre. At this time, you along with friends to pass through the city, swamps and cemeteries of the American South from the port of Savannah to New Orleans in the course of five extensive campaigns. You play as one of four surviving heroes who have a wide range of kinds of weapons, like the classic design, and advanced modifications. In addition to the firearms you will be able to deal with the ghouls and in my own way, like a man, picking up a chainsaw, axes or deadly horrific shattering ... pan! Yes, now dead finally have something to fear! Henceforth, the decaying flesh, too, knows the fear! You have to use the entire arsenal against the monstrous special Infected (or playing for them in the mode Versus). Also, you will meet with unusual normal infected, including the nightmarish madmenov (mudmen).

To make a mad L4D gameplay even more furious, Director (AI Director), artificial intelligence, monitor your actions in the original game and correct environment on the basis of this analysis has now reached the next level 2.0! From now on, it changes the weather, the population of zombies, their behavior, the different effects and sounds based on your behavior more effectively. Director tune L4D2 to suit your style of play. You just have to remember in time to pull the trigger or clobber monstryatinu those that came to hand.

Latest updates from GanI
SDK (Create your own maps)
Standalonepatch by GanI
Total sound conversion (Music, screams, everything taken from movies and other stuff Thanks to Billians)
Optional custom shaders to give you a terrifying imersion on a zombie apocalypse (Read the readme.txt)
2.85gb compressed - 17gb installed

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz
Memory: 1 GB for XP / 2 GB for Vista
Video: 256 MB
Free space: 16 GB


How to install:
Run the setup normally and follow the on screen instructions, once the install finishes the game will open on a small window like 320x240 and rebuild the audio cache (Do not touch it) wait till it finishes, once its done the window will vanish and you can play.


Download :
Left 4 Dead 2 Hypertense Edition_part1
Left 4 Dead 2 Hypertense Edition_part2
Left 4 Dead 2 Hypertense Edition_part3
Left 4 Dead 2 Hypertense Edition_part4
Left 4 Dead 2 Hypertense Edition_part5

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