Friday, 16 January 2015

File Destructor 2.0!!!

We have come up with a very interesting tool to share with you!
This tool lets you generate a file which looks as normal as it seems to be but will actually not open or execute since its nothing but just a corrupt file!
Actually this tool is just another way to blame your faulty system!
Just enter desired file name, indicate required file size and document format, and generate it!
So be it your project evaluation, a presentation or your comp lab test, u know what to do!!!


Unlimited file size: Make file as big as you want!
    Can generate over 20 file types: doc, txt, zip, img, xls, pdf, jpg, bmp, gif, htm, rtf, sip, eps, mpg, mp3 and more!
    Destructed files 100% compatible both with Mac and PC!

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