Sunday, 23 September 2012

Ultoo App Multisending : Earn Faster

Register for ultoo HERE

Earning Details :

 1) 2p Per Sms

2) 1 Rs Per Referrals Reregistration

3)2 Rs Will Be Added To You When You Register Your Number

To Register Click Here : Ultoo Register

Website Itself Doesn't Provide Group Sms Or Multisending Etc So Its Not  Easy To Earn So Fast :(
And A lot Of People Keep On Asking For Ultoo Tricks,Ultoo Hacks,How To Earn From Ultoo Etc.

So Here Is Ultoo Trick To Send Multisending Sms In One Easy Step Specially For Those Who Are On Mobile.
You Can Call It A Kind Of Ultoo Hack But Its Not Hack. Its A trick send Sms From Ultoo Via mobile Easily.

Its Working Great With

1)MultiSending Upto 15 Numbers To Multisend Seperate Numbers By , Like Put In To Box


2)Shows Your Balance Details After Every Use

Still If You Find Any Error Do Comment Here And Will Improve It.

Note : Ultoo msg limit per day is 50 i.e. you can earn 1 rupee per day easily + your refferals.

Download :

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