Friday, 4 January 2013

EM Bulk Mailer v8.4

Bulk Mailer is a highly professional email marketing software that offers high performance in the building of email lists and the creation of personalized and easy to create HTML newsletters. This bulk email sender is designed to streamline the process of sending mass emails. Instead of having to have a thorough knowledge of HTML and manually enter email addresses prior to sending a newsletter to recipients, this bulk email 
sending software removes the time consuming elements so that time can be spent doing more important tasks. 

Other technical features include: 

The ability to send 20,000 messages hourly 
Mail merge and high personalization 
Powerful HTML editor with image, flash, and attachment capabilities 
Contact lists are private 
Automatic processing of bounced emails 
Custom opt-in forms that are embedded into the website to encourage subscribers to subscribe and to provide you with as much information as you like through additional custom fields 
Tracking of email opens, clicks, unsubscribers and Google Analytics integration 
Email marketing campaign scheduling 
Easily backup the program and restore it if needed by being able to easily transfer data from one computer to another 
Integrate seamlessly with Email Verifier 
Utilize the scheduler to schedule email marketing campaigns in advance to send automatically later so that you do not have to be present to initiate the process 
The Bounce Manager manages undelivered emails by sorting them into categories so that the bounced email addresses can be automatically unsubscribed and removed from the list.

Download :
EM Bulk Mailer v8.4

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