Friday, 4 January 2013

Hotspot Shield Full Version Cracked

How to Crack Hotspot Shield Manualy Here is a Tutorial :
#######How to Install Method######

1) First go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and open hosts file with notepad. or editor.

2) Now paste the BELOW code just BELOW the last line of hosts file. i.e :  localhost

Note: all these above sites are used when you use HotSpot Shield ,for the sake of this Method we are blocking them :p

3) Now save This Host file and then Extract Your Downloaded file using Winrar by typing password :

5) Now you will notice i have given two setup file one is in Shak1 folder and the other is in Shak2 folder.
   Now open Shak1 folder and install setup given in it...while installing UN CHECK THE OPTION LAUNCH AFTER INSTALLATION & 

6) After restarting without opening previous installed hotspot shield setup...install the setup given in Shak2 Folder.
   This will upgrade the previous installtion & again as before unchecked the option for LAUNCH AFTER INSTALLATION & TOOLBAR.

7) Now Restart Your PC Again.

8) After Restarting...just double click or press connect now you are Using hotspot shield elite with no Ads/banner/Trial

   Enjoy : D

Download :
Hotspot Shield Full Version

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