Monday, 25 March 2013

Block Facebook from Your Computer (Easiest WaY)

Facebook Blocker program such as the name says, is used to block the use of social network Essence of developing this program was to make parents in a very simple way deny the use of Facebook to their children , not just parents, but to someone else and you, of course program includes the option to unblock it but only with this application, of course if that user does not know that this 
application changes windows host file.

Simple Guidelines:

1. Downland and Run the application as Administrator, no need to install.

2. The most important thing to do FIRST is to choose option 1 and press enter.

3. To block facebook press 2 now check it by pressing number 5 and press enter.

4. To recover facebook back press 3 and restart your browser then check if it  works,if it still does not work press F5 in the browser window to refresh.

Download :
FaceBook Blocker

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